date days: Idaho Falls Farmers Market

I’m a big breakfast person. I broke a breakfast person rule marrying a man who doesn't like breakfast and isn't a morning person. This is our compromise.



The farmers market in Idaho Falls is really kicking it up a notch in their new location on Memorial. Last year was the first year they held it there, and it's only gotten better since then. Now, if you’re expecting a floral district and fresh fish lane- better hop on that plane to Pike’s Place.

This is small town living and our market is a quinticincal reminder of that. If you make it early in the morning, it’s quiet and walking booth to booth is easy. You can get a fruit cup at Sergio's and not wait in line. It might be early for chili lime juice poured over fresh cut melon, but if you holdoff there will be a 10 minute wait in line. Take your pick, but its worth it.

We love having a slow morning then walking over once Fitz is ready and Austin’s had the proper amount of time to wake up. I get breakfast treats and Austin goes for barbeque or street tacos.

A  few favorites booths include hand turned wooden scoops and spoons, rolling pins and other wooden tools. The artist is often turning a piece to demonstrate his skill, it's fascinating to watch! I can’t help but think of Al from this Old House. I always have to stop through the flowers students in the BYUI horticulture program bring and get a fresh lemonade from my main squeeze.  We also love getting fresh produce once harvest comes in from June- September.
If you're a salsa lover, Josephine's fresh salsa is there and a must try. I get a mango habanero and have it gone in a few days. Next week I'll share an enchilada recipe i use her green salsa in; it's making my mouth water as I write this. Its so good AND easy! 
so if you're looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, give it a try. We're there nearly every weekend, sipping lemonade and snacking on chili lime melon, find us and say hi <3