Year 27 || a birthday bucket list

In the moments this goes live, it will be just past 24 hours since we learned our cousin Dee was in a fatal accident. The shock has worn off a little, but what is left is how quickly it happened. In a moment, a heartbeat, a pause- Dee was here, and then he was gone.

 it is also now my birthday. Normally, I'm full of reminders that Blake Lively and I are birthday twins. Dee’s passing has really put into perspective time, and our biggest lie- is that we have enough of it. Enough time to put something off. Enough time to say, “someday” But that is all a lie. So, on this birthday eve, I'm going to write a bucket list for the year. 27 things I want to do before my 28 birthday.

1. Be more like Dee- kind, compassionate. Listen fully. Do something I love every day.

2. Write a book

3. Hike into Delta Lake

4. Make Austin laugh every day

5. Create our wedding album

6. Break ground in Swan Valley

7. build a new website

8. Bake Cinnamon rolls

9. Meditate every day

10. See the hot air balloon event in Driggs

11. Host a get-together

12. Blog 2x a week

13. Leave a $100 tip

14. Use social media less than 15 minutes a day

15. Wake up an hour before Fitz

16. Run more than walk

17. Journal

18. HIke into Goldbug Hotsprings

19. Observe

20. Mindfully say "Thank You"

21. Stargaze

22. Practice yoga and be able to do a headstand

23. Confidently use my film camera and light meter

24. Watch the sunset behind the Tetons

25.  Go fly fishing

26. Make family videos

27. Love every inch, pound, and part of me


photos by Casey James