|| Rainey Creek Farm ||


I know. We’re crazy. Crazy for farm life, open air, mountain valleys, and a 30-minute commute. I still can’t believe it. I cry a lot thinking about it. I count my blessings and thank God for this man who helps me plan our dreams into reality. A few weeks back, I shared on Instagram we were getting close to closing the deal. Well, it closed. We have a few plans for it and I’m excited to share them with you. But here’s what we know right now-

We’ve leased the property for cow grazing, while we do a small test with cow ownership ourselves. You might have heard we bought a few steers and momma’s. Here’s your formal introduction to them

A 2 year old Scottish Highland we bought from a gent in Farmington, Utah. She had been pastured on Bountiful Peak and surrounding canyons. She's warming up to us, but is still a little wild from her 2 years without human interaction.  She had calfed a little lady during April, but unfortunately that day we had a freak spring snow storm and the previous owner was out of town. the little one didn't make it through the storm. and lucky for us the gent decided it was time for him to downsize and get ready for retirement. We plan to breed her and grow our own heard of Highlands.

 A Red Angus x Highland cross, she's our momma and we were in the right place and right time to bring her home. We had been going to pick out the steers, and when our cow friend told us he had her and she'd calfed the night before, I was sold in a second. 

Optimus* Prime
One day the little guy will be a fancy dinner, so i'm trying to not get attached. He is not a pet, and not for keeping until old age. 

11, 12, 13, 14.

11 is the smallest steer and 13 is the biggest. They love to eat grain out of our hands and are first to greet us. 12 & 14 are a little shy but warming up. 14, Peaches, Prime, and Penny are escape artists. We’ve learned a few lessons on fencing from them and are SO GLAD we started small. Rounding up four cows is a lot easier than 50. we plan to take on angus steers every year and sell them in the fall. Aus likes the idea of all Black Angus, but I wouldn't mind some Reds mixed in either.

Then there’s Charming Charlie. He’s chestnut Foundation Quarter x Arab, and man, will he charm the pants off you and anything sweet from your pockets. The jury is still out how well he’ll cow pony, but he’s another dream come true and I just cry a lot ok.    

We named our little outfit Rainey Creek Cattle Company, and the property is Rainey Creek Farm. We plan to build in the next 2-3 years, and we can’t be more excited to have you out for square ice cream and front porch sitting.

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