WRIGHTS || 2016

  Hey guys! We’re just getting back to the grind after the holidays. For Christmas we went to my parents home in Ltown Hometown. The trek from Idaho Falls to there spans the state, and its so miraculous in the winter. Most years we go through one or two areas in white out conditions. But there’s a pass where we always see moose, elk, deer, and other wildlife. The route is long,  some say treacherous, but worth it if you’re able to appreciate how breathtaking it all is.

  Unless, of course, you think snow burdened pines look like something out of a horror film. Then maybe just go through in the summer- it looks like something from the Sound of Music, minus the VonTrapp family  ;)

  For New Years we’ve been spending time at Aus’ family cabins in Island Park the last few years. This year it was just us and our girls *ie dogs.* It was so relaxing. With little cell reception and continuous snow fall, it was the perfect retreat. It allowed me time to reflect on this year and us to contemplate what we’d like in 2017. For us, January marks a type of count off or “marks ready” before we launch into February and the marathon of tax season. With the added tasks of preparing for Bebe Wright, it’s going to be quite the season for us.  On Thursday i’ll share a little more into what goals i have for 2017, but in the meantime- here’s our christmas card i made this year. It’s not something I normally do, but Aus and the Doc put me on bed rest so much from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I needed s o m e t h i n g  to do.


Hope your Holidays were merry and your 2017 looks bright

xo erin

Wright Christmas 2016