|| Let's Get Personal || Pregnancy week 29 ||

 Size of baby?   The internet says he’s 2.5lbs, about the size of a butternut or winter squash. They also say he’s a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain. All the organs are preparing for their functions, post birth.

 Sugar Test:  Not as bad as I thought!, or what people told me to expect! Maybe I’m just weird. But it didn’t bug me at all. I had the lemon lime kind, and it was like flat, cheap, store brand soda.  

 Maternity clothes? Bring on all the full panels. Very quickly in pregnancy, my bra size went up (2 cups) and leggings were my best friends. But last week, I’ve outgrown all Aus’ and my regular tees, so all my shirts are either maternity or tunic style, and all my pants are full panel.  And they are sooo comfortable. I can’t believe I held out so long!

 Sleep? The morning is that odd ‘haven’t quite stretched out and woke up’ stage. From 1p-3p I’m just looking for somewhere to put my head down for a nap. There have been a few occasions I’ve  slept on the floor in our office, only for a bit I swear, but yeah. Afternoons get me. Then- the part I think my body is gearing up for? Night time. I am WIDE AWAKE and ready to plan, sort, do anything. After I worked at a bakery, I started generally having a nighttime routine getting to bed by 10:30, and these days I’m happy when I’m asleep before 1 am.  My friend told me to try Unisom, and I got the generic kind, but it's been a great help when I’m going on 3 nights of restless sleep. 

 Swelling? Just a little in my feet.  Just yesterday I stripped my shoes and socks so I could step in some snow to cool them off, but that was a first.  

 Queasy? Not at all,  which after the first 5 months of ‘just don’t puke’ has been awesome.

 Cravings? Also nothing, which I’ve been bummed out about! I’m all for indulging in the guilty pleasures of food, so I’m hoping it's on the horizon. I still love lemonade, fruits, and have been indulging more in chocolate than normal.  Though I did notice I'm eating through a large carton of strawberries every other day, so maybe just a little craving ;)

 Movement? Morning, noon, and night. He’s got some big kicks and flips that we love to watch at night, my whole belly jumps and moves with him. He also kicks or pushes anytime the dogs are resting their head on me when we’re just laying around, and it’s so amusing to watch them look at me accusingly and then my belly for disturbing them.

 Weird moment this week?   Hot n’ cold, every other minute I swear. I’m either shivering or I’ve got sweat dripping somewhere.

 Anxieties?   We still haven’t made much headway on the house prep for baby.  I’d love if we were further along, but the office building has been trumping all other priorities with the season creeping on us. So in those anxious moments, I try to remind myself what the real *basic* needs of baby are, a spot to sleep (bassinet, done) food source (locked and loaded) and some love. Maybe we’ll have the nursery done before he’s here, and maybe it won’t but we’ll be just fine.

 Best moment this week?   Not puking or getting sick from the sugar test or passing out during the blood draw. I have a terrible track record with the contrast dye you have to have before cat scans, and my anxiety was making me, well, anxious. I was fully expecting to puke. I didn’t, Austin was there, and it was laughably easy.    



   -You know those boxes of donut holes at Albertson's for $5? I lied to myself that Aus likes them and they would make a great easy treat/snack. Aust doesn’t like them, which I’ve known the duration of our relationship.

I ate them all. Probably within 3 days. #oops

   -We made biscuits and gravy for dinner last night- from a can. And they were GOOOODDD. (Don’t tell my dad I said that)