FILM STUDY || tulips

  in the fall, on a whim, i bought this film camera from a friend. i had shot film in high school and learned how to develop film, even manipulating or "editing" within the dark room process.  

 that was in 2007, so when I sent my film off to a lab I had low expectations for what would be scanned back to me. Scans are the digital files a developing lab sends back after processing your film.  shooting film isn't easy.  every aspect of it is manual, there are no auto settings to check yourself against. there's no stabilization for shaky hands. there's no checking the back screen to see what you need to change. its one frame at a time.  

  I sent three rolls of film in or 72 frames,  and 90% of them were correctly exposed and in focus! I can't believe how well I picked it back up! I was SO trigger happy, snapping off frames like i do with my DSLR, so I have a ton of repeats. regardless, I'm excited to work more with film! it has this aesthetic that just is a little magical to me. It's also a great learning experience over the next few months, as we get used to #parenthood, and i take a break from regular sessions. i firmly believe it will help my digital work improve in a way nothing else could- and hopefully, help with over shooting!  i am so anxious to shoot more, especially at home, documenting Fitz and the adventures he brings. 


Film: Fuji Superia400
Camera: Minolta X-700, 50mm lens
Film Scans: The Find Lab