|| let's get personal || 'til next year, August

august is so so special to me. growing up we spent the first week of it, hidden away in McCall and the mountains surrounding. this year we got to do the same with Fitz, and celebrate an *un numbered* birthday for my mom. he won't remember going to our favorite hot springs or hiking to waterfalls we "discovered" as kids in '97- but we will. 

and then bonus bonus, we got to hang out in Hometown Ltown for a few days. we hit the lottery and cousins crashed the Hurd House with us. suddenly sleepy morning trolls turned into a happy Kendyl eager to see Fitz- and Sweed was like that neighbors rooster who thinks dawn is the best time to start your day. and a granma hurd who needed to love on Fitz every 0.009 seconds.  

Fitz also had a lot of firsts:
  - first trip away from dad
  -first time swimming
  -first hike
  -first "getting mom out of a ticket" by screaming his head off
  -first airplane ride. no one gave him his pilot wings, but he did outstanding

we missed dad a lot. he started a bathroom remodel we've been planning since moving in 2014 *yayayayayay* and smothered him with love when we got home, and then some more for our 2nd anni, then more for my 26 birthday, and then a ton more when he took us to boise for a wedding on the weekend of  #greatamericaneclipse 

it might be the best August yet, till next year