We Say Grace,

  I'd like to share some special moments Aus and I had recently being sealed in an LDS Temple. But first, I want to share some Thanks.

   You know that Tim McGraw song Grown Men Don't Cry? There's a few phrases that I recall, but this week "We say grace and thank the Lord,  Got so much to be thankful for" has been the quiet tune lulling my mind. 
   Among all the chaos in the world, all the stress and anxiety I hold, that little lyric steadies my pounding heart. I am so blessed. I am truly grateful a God, a Heavenly Father, who knows me and loves me, despite shortcomings, hostility and imperfections. Who has taught me forgiveness and unconditional love, compassion to my fellow man. Who has given me our Little Man Wright, and my Aus.
  I pray we are all able to see how fortunate we are, that we are overcome with love and affection. That those feelings in turn encourage and cause action to improve our relationships.  

  I hope you all are surrounded by love today. That you know how much I love you for supporting me. You are one of my blessings, and I am so grateful to have you <3

 Madi is from my girl gang is so talented. She met us in Provo to shoot some incredible photos. You can find her work here and here.  
 My bouquet is by Ali Fredrickson of Mauloa Florals, she is such a gifted free spirit and I adore her work. you can see more of her here and here.