Hey there!

I’m sure it’s just my mom and hubbs reading, but if you’re not them- thanks for being here!

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been working part time on my photog business, Idaho Avenue Studios. Today, I’m very excited to give details where that’s going, but first, some backstory. (you can skip this Aus ;)

Aus and I bought into his tax firm this past year, and a few weeks later we learned it's going to be him & me + baby in 2017 (and that's not code for the boat he got).

Exciting right?! Right! I’ve always known #momlife was going to be an important part of my life, and I wanted to be a housewife #alreadypracticingmyrhymes. But I also know I have more to contribute than just #momlife- that I have a purpose all on my own waiting for me to share.

So, The Plan.

This year, I’ll be preggs through tax season and work with Aus at the firm as much as I can. Once Little Wright is here, I’ll be at home, and once we get a schedule and some sanity and something like a routine, I’ll be here- running IAS, a little differently.


What you'll see

I want to get a little more personal, so I'll be sharing more events from our POV and our little tribe. I want to discuss and share design concepts, ideas, trends and how to's.  

My goals are to move more towards a design and creative space within event design and hosting. Weddings, elopements, parties, get togethers- picture those society women of the 20’s hosting parties and getting all dolled up. That’s what I’m hoping to share with you-how to make those get togethers into little events- I'm a firm believer anything can turn into a party ;)

I’m not clear how much photography I’ll be doing. I’ve always felt like it was part of a talent, but where I really feel aware and creative is the total picture- the details and the finishes, the feel and movement of a story. The entire event.  For me, photography has been a great intro to the creative world, and I'm so very excited to see where else we'll be going.