FRESH 48 || Baby Emma

in july i heard Baby Emma's story + struggle to hit growth charts while her momma did all she could to have a healthy pregnancy. they saw specialists, and other specialists, and prayed. i was sitting in a church meeting + attempting to entertain Fitz, when a member shared Sam's story. between my snuggler pulling on me and newly acquired mother's empathy- my heart absolutely broke and went out to Sam + her family.  i remember sharing her story, sobbing to Aus how fortunate we were. praying with them for little Emma to grow. for specialists to have immediate openings. 

as sam's due date grew near, i was overwhelmed when sam and i worked out the details to shoot emma's birth story + fresh 48.  emma had other plans. arriving a week early, a happy + healthy girl took sam & nate from party of two, to party of three. 

welcome to the world little emma