|| trevor & lauren || Orem, UT Wedding Photographer

  My eyes water when I think of Trevor & Lauren.  We met on my wedding day, Trevor had been a great bud of my hubbs Aus in college. Lauren was his cute date. I remember loving them for making it to our wedding and prayed the best for them. In the following spring they announced their engagement, and in June we touched base on her plans for an October wedding.  
  I was so excited for them. the months ticked off and I was tickled to be hired. It was going to be a small ceremony, just family, at quaint little park, backdropped by a lake and those mountains I love. When I saw her, I cried. When I saw her dress, i needed a new kleenex. I was giddy when the florals arrived. The lighting was sub par, and we were all rushing a bit to beat a storm about to pour any moment.
  And then, with Lauren and her dad stepping out to the music, the sun shine through. I'm crying just thinking of it now. It was indescribable, like the heavens themselves were wishing her a wonderful wedding.