|| let's get personal || 7,8,9


7 Months Old:

our first month there wasn’t a wellness check. He was way into sweet potatoes, and puff cereal, and planking. All he wanted to do with his little body was crawl. He was almost army crawling but would get his leg stuck under his body from moving from a sit to a lunge. You’re loving bathtime and I finally got a decent photo of you staying on your back. Your monthly photos are becoming a real zoo with you trying to move everywhere. He also started to dislike being in the car at night. we think its a combination of the darkness and not being able to see- so unless Aus is coming with me, Fitz and I don't venture out much after dusk.
  We drove 10 hours for Thanksgiving in hometown L town, and while I was cooking Aus runs up the stairs calling my name in a panic, uncertainty. “Fitz just crawled”

WHAT. and just like that, we had a mover on our hands.


8 Months Old:

We’ve barricaded a play place in our living room to keep Fitz contained. He’s still getting stuck on his legs, but it doesn't bother him. We put off wraping presents, becasuse he already loves the tree. he is loving all the boxes coming and thinks they are the greatest toys.
He began cutting 3 teeth, and in the same weekend caught a cold, which progressed rapidly to croup on Monday within a 3-hour span. It was nerve-wracking, panic-y, and oh so worrisome. After being in touch with our Ped’s office twice in a 2-hour span, we missed their hours by 45 minutes and had to go to the ER to be seen and get Fitz a steroid. His breathing was so labored, meeble, and raspy. It was awful. I’m so grateful Aus was home and with us, that the ER staff was quick, kind, and efficient.


N I N E Months old.

  How are we here already? This mark tugs on my especially- in its correlation of growing life. Fitz, you are so big from where you started 18 months ago. It truly leaves me in awe thinking of your meek beginnings, and who you are today. Between 8 and 9, you mastered climbing stairs thanks to Uncle Cody. I'm equally proud as I am worried. Luckily we have no accessible stairs to you, but a game night at friends recently you climbed the whole set and laughed triumphantly, holding the gate and waiting on me to get you. You also cannot be stopped from crawling at lightning speeds. We’ll be holding you, and something catches your interest and you begin trying to dive bomb out of our hold so you can be put down and further investigate.

 Everything you touch goes in your mouth. It’s the best way for you to get to know something. You also LOVE food. We joke that in you, we have another dog, begging at our knees for handouts from our food.

 You better believe you get one every time.

You love to laugh with us, or anyone really. Once you hear someone laughing, giggling, even a small chuckle- you’re joining in. mouth wide open, nose scrunched- HA AH’s bursting. It might be my favorite characteristic right now.

 I’m holding my breath, but you’re not walking yet. Mostly because you refuse to slow down. You lap the ottoman barrier, back and forth and back and forth, walking and sidestepping. You’re not a fan of being left alone with toys, unless its Roomba. Your daily play dates with her are seemingly your favorite.


You are happy, healthy, and so so loved.